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Dr. White has a unique talent, an artist so to speak. He exudes confidence and you feel calm and warmth under his care. He takes time to bring you under his wing and prepares you for your big day.

Dr. Matthew White

As a top facial plastic surgeon New York has to offer, Dr. Matthew White makes his mark as a double-board certified surgeon, with a clinical practice that is solely devoted to the aesthetic and cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and neck.  Dr. White completed his surgical training at Harvard Medical School and maintains a vibrant scientific research interest in the structural composition of beauty. His surgical expertise includes facelift, necklift surgery, rhinoplasty, and surgery for the eyes and eyebrows.  Dr. White is well known for his warm bedside manner and conservative approach to achieving beautiful, natural results.


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A facial transformation designed just for you

When enhancing the faces of his patients, Dr. White believes that custom is best. He tailors each surgery to his client’s bone structure, signs of aging and desired outcomes to ensure organic results that never look over done. Rarely focusing on just one feature, he is known for embracing a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation that results in the comprehensive transformation his clients seek.

When it comes to aging well, the eyes are extremely important. Dr. White aims to address crow’s feet, bags and fatty deposits early, to preserve your well-rested expression for as long as possible.
Eye Procedures
As the years pass, deep creases and furrows tend to leave their mark on the forehead. By addressing them with a subtle lift, you can say goodbye to these telltale signs of aging.
Brow Procedures
Full lips are youthful lips. If you were born with a thin mouth, or you’ve lost some of your volume over the years, Dr. White can sculpt a voluminous pout that enhances your natural beauty.
Lip Procedures
Wrinkles, fatty deposits and vertical bands – these are all signs of aging that can affect the neck far before you’re ready. Fortunately, a quick procedure with Dr. White can successfully address them, restoring your contoured jawline.
Neck Procedures
The nose is a central facial feature than can throw your entire appearance off balance if it isn’t quite right. With precise enhancements to the nasal structure, Dr. White can create a more attractive nose that boosts your confidence.
Nose Procedures
When patients seek out a facelift, it’s often because the mid-face region has fallen and lost volume, causing the face to droop and sag. When this occurs, a traditional or mini facelift with Dr. White can tighten, lift and tone the areas that need it most.
Cheeks Procedures
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Dermal fillers and injectables: Creating beautiful faces without surgery

For clients who want to enhance their facial appearance but aren’t quite ready for facial plastic surgery, Dr. White’s comprehensive suite of non-surgical treatment approaches can deliver the dramatic transformation you’re looking for – without incisions, general anesthesia or a lengthy recovery period.

If you’re suffering from mild to moderate lax skin, non-invasive Ultherapy may be able to restore your youthful tone and firmness. It uses tried-and-true (and extremely safe) ultrasound technology to lift and smooth the skin, without any incisions or downtime.
Ultherapy Proceudres
Dr. White’s patients can dramatically improve deep facial creases, lines and furrows with artfully administered BOTOX injections. With a gentle hand and conservative approach, BOTOX with Dr. White can be used instead of surgery, or to complement a more intensive procedure.
Botox Proceudres
In the past, the only way to address a double chin was with surgery, such as a neck lift or neck liposuction. Today, Kybella offers patients an effective, non-surgical alternative that can reduce this unsightly fullness and restore a slender and more contoured jawline.
Kybella Proceudres
Deep facial folds, wrinkles and acne scars can detract from your beauty and harm your confidence. Fortunately, the injectable gel filler Juvederm can fill in these imperfections with natural-looking volume, replenishing your skin and smoothing out your lines, wrinkles and scars.
Juvederm Proceudres

New York’s trusted center for reconstructive surgery

In addition to facelifts, neck lifts and other routine plastic surgeries, Dr. White is also capable of performing highly complex reconstructive procedures, including facial nerve reanimation, Mohs reconstruction, nasal reconstruction and scar revision. When undergoing one of these delicate surgeries, it’s extremely important that patients select a trustworthy and dependable doctor. With many years of experience successfully performing intricate reconstructive procedures, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. White to repair your face and restore your appearance.

Reconstructive Procedures

Meet Dr. Matthew White

Dr. Matthew White has a global reputation as one of the top providers of facial plastic surgery NYC has to offer. Having completed his surgical training at Harvard Medical School, his private practice is exclusively focused on refining his clients’ faces and necks, and restoring the radiant glow of their younger years.

An international authority on facial aging, Dr. White maintains a vibrant scientific interest in the structural composition of beauty. With a unique ability to envision the potential of beauty in each of his client’s faces, he is known for his thoughtful treatment plans, warm bedside manner and conservative – yet highly effective – surgical approach.

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